Celebrating National 4-H Week in Charlotte County: Embracing Spirit, Memories, and Community Connection

National 4-H Week is nearly here, and Charlotte County is gearing up for a week of spirited celebration, meaningful connections, and exciting activities that showcase the heart and soul of 4-H. From October 2nd to October 8th, we invite you to join us in exploring nature, creating memories, and bringing our 4-H community even closer together. Let’s dive into the details of the Flora and Fauna-themed scavenger hunt, Spirit Night at Beef o’ Bradys, and our Spirit Days, designed to make this National 4-H Week one to remember!

Unleashing the Explorer Within: The Scavenger Hunt
Our Flora and Fauna Scavenger Hunt is a chance for families to connect with nature while exploring various sites across Charlotte County. Armed with curiosity and a keen eye, participants will embark on a journey to spot and identify different plant and animal species. From native trees to colorful butterflies, each discovery brings us closer to the natural world that thrives around us. Not only is this an educational opportunity, but it’s also a chance for families to bond over shared moments of awe and wonder.

Date: Monday, October 2nd – Sunday, October 8th
Celebrating Together: Spirit Night at Beef o’ Bradys
On Thursday, October 5th, join us for a Spirit Night at Beef o’ Bradys, where the 4-H spirit will be in full swing. This family-friendly event is a chance to come together, share stories from the scavenger hunt, and celebrate the connections we’ve made with the flora and fauna of Charlotte County. With good food, great company, and a lively atmosphere, it’s an evening you won’t want to miss!

Date: Thursday, October 5th
Spirit Day Lineup: Sharing, Reflecting, and Inspiring
Throughout National 4-H Week, we’ll be hosting a series of Spirit Days, each designed to bring our 4-H community closer together. From Family Photo Day to Community Impact, these activities encourage sharing, reflecting, and inspiring one another.

Sunday: Family Photo Day
Kick off National 4-H Week by sharing a photo of your 4-H family on our County 4-H Facebook page. Let’s spotlight the bonds that make our 4-H community so special.

Tuesday: Showcase Your 4-H Journey
Create a collage that captures all the incredible moments and activities that define your 4-H experience. It’s a visual celebration of growth, learning, and fun!

Wednesday: Cherished 4-H Memories
Share your favorite 4-H memory with us. Whether it’s a project achievement, a special event, or a moment of personal growth, let’s relive the highlights together. Don’t forget to wear green to show your 4-H pride!

Thursday: First-Year Flashback
Post a picture of your first year in 4-H. Let’s revisit those early moments of excitement and discovery as we welcomed you into our 4-H family.

Friday: Project Spotlight
Share a picture of your favorite 4-H project. Whether it’s a masterpiece in progress or a finished work of art, let’s showcase the creativity and dedication that go into our projects.

Saturday: Community Impact
How do you make a difference in your community? Share your story of giving back and inspire others to do the same. Together, we’re creating positive change!

Why We Love 4-H: A Personal Invitation

Throughout National 4-H Week, we encourage every 4-H member to share why they love being a part of this incredible community. Your stories are a testament to the impact of 4-H on individuals and communities alike.

As National 4-H Week unfolds, let’s come together in spirit, celebration, and reflection. Through our shared memories, projects, and contributions to our community, we’re embodying the values and mission of 4-H. Join us in making this week a tribute to the boundless potential and heartwarming connections that define our Charlotte County 4-H family.


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Posted: October 2, 2023

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