CALS Alumna Highlight: Tiffany Lane

University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences alumna Tiffany Lane earned her undergraduate degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation (WEC) in 2014. She has worked in wildlife conservation on various projects including aerial observation of whooping crane populations and using air boats and kayaks to capture and band geese.

What brought you to CALS and your department? What first sparked your interest in your major?

Initially, my goal was to be the first in my family to go to college. Once I was accepted to UF I had no idea what I wanted to do! I have always loved the outdoors and animals so I was drawn to the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation major. I fell in love with the program right away and never looked back.

Was there a particular CALS faculty/staff or mentor that was influential in your career path?

The Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Department has so many great faculty but it was those who encouraged and gave students opportunities for hands-on experience that solidified my career choice and prepared me for the future. In particular I am thankful for practical experience with Dr. Johnson and Dr. McCleery.

What do you find to be the coolest/best part of your job/career?

My favorite part of the job is knowing that I am making the world a better place. It is personally very fulfilling. I love being able to work outside and get an intimate understanding of our natural world. My favorite experience has been using air boats and kayaks to capture and band geese!

What are some exciting projects you have worked on in the course of your career?

An exciting project I have been a part of is monitoring the remaining wild population of whooping cranes. I have been lucky enough to be an aerial observer to count the cranes while they winter on Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. This keeps us informed on their status and helps us determine best management practices to maintain and improve their population.

What advice would you give to students who are interested in the same major/career path as you?

My advice is to get plenty of hands-on experience! Not only does it prepare you for your future career but it also helps you figure out where your passions are. Don’t be afraid to move around and take short-term jobs that you normally wouldn’t consider.

A career in natural resources is for everyone! You do not have to grow up on a farm with animals or be an avid hunter to belong. All backgrounds and experiences are valued to understand the best ways to conserve our natural world.” – Tiffany Lane

The Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation strives to foster education, expand knowledge, and reward scholarship, using multi-disciplinary approaches, for the purpose of understanding, managing, and conserving biological resources. The primary goal is to develop and communicate the knowledge necessary for enhancing the conservation and management of wildlife and their habitats for the greatest aesthetic, ecological, economic, and recreational values. Find a CALS major that suits your interests by taking our majors quiz. You can also find information regarding our undergraduate and graduate programs on our website. Questions for Tiffany Lane about her experiences in the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Department should be directed to


Posted: November 18, 2020

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