Summer 2020 Internship Q&A

Several College of Agricultural and Life Sciences students completed internships during the summer of 2020. The first student to be highlighted is Hannah Baxter, an undergraduate food and resource economics student. During this summer, Baxter interned at BASF agriculture solutions as a seed intern in Columbia, South Carolina.

1. What did you learn in your internship?

I learned how to scout row crops, identify problems and treat crops. For example, I learned to spot deer damage on crops, as well as pests like aphids and white fly.

2. What skills that you learned in your CALS classes helped you during your internship? Specifically, from which classes?

The communications skills I learned in my FRE classes helped me better communicate with my coworkers and retailers.

3. What was the coolest thing you did in your internship?

In this internship, I learned how to properly check cotton fields. When checking cotton fields, you check the distance between the nodes to determine if the cotton plant needs Pix, a growth regulator that helps max cotton bowls. I also took tissue samples of cotton, ultimately identifying the problem and finding a solution for growers.

Hannah Baxter in the field in South Carolina.

4. Has the pandemic had an influence on your internship?

Thankfully, the pandemic didn’t change my internship too much. I started a month later than planned, but once I started, things picked up quickly! I also wasn’t able to see as many retailers as I normally would have because a lot of their offices are closed.

5. What led you to your major in CALS?

I chose a major within CALS because I love watching plants grow and understanding the importance of feeding the world. I can do both in FRE.

6. What recommendations do you have for other students who want to intern where you interned?

Go for it! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and soak up all the knowledge you can. People will pour into you if you let them, they’re here to help. I recommend this internship because of the practical knowledge I’ve gained, as well as the BASF community I am now a part of. They pour professional development into their interns and teach us as much as possible.

7. How did you decide which internship was best for you?

I wanted something with a lot of hands-on experience, and I wanted to intern with a company that I would want to work for one day! There are so many great options for internships, but this has been a great fit for me because I am learning about crops and customer relations/sales at the same time.


Posted: August 4, 2020

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