CALS Graduating Student Profile: Charles Bogner

Charles Bogner had an interest in biology, medicine, and anatomy growing up. He began his undergraduate studies as a biology major, but soon discovered his true passion: microbiology.

“During my intro to microbiology class we started going over viruses and vaccine development and I had an “aha!” moment mid-lecture,” Bogner said. “I knew that was the major for me, so I met with my advisor and switched the next day!”

Bogner was looking for a way to continue his studies online and found the right fit in the online microbiology and cell science masters’ program. Once in the program, participating in classes re-kindled his interest in science and research.

“Dr. Jones’ virology class was a great continuation of the virology I enjoyed so much in undergrad,” Bogner said. “Dr. de Crecy’s bioinformatics class taught me so much about data mining and online analysis tools (including that I have a natural knack for bioinformatics), and Dr. Czyz’s antimicrobial resistance (AMR) class had me captivated in the natural mechanisms of antibiotics and resistance as well as firing me up about the AMR crisis and what we can and should do to stop it.”

After graduation, Bogner plans on becoming involved in translational research, specifically related to genetics and therapeutics. He is also currently waiting to hear back from the United States Air Force to become a part of their research team on human performance.

“Ignore the nay-sayers, but also know your limits,” Bogner shared with current and future CALS students. “Being realistic can help you set attainable goals, and with each achieved goal you will be driven to do more. So don’t take on more than you can manage, but never give up.”

The study of small living organisms, microbiology and cell science includes emphasis on molecular biology and genetics; immunology; virology; host-pathogen interactions; cellular ultrastructure; environmental microbiology; and microbial physiology, metabolism and regulation. Students study chemistry, physics, bacterial pathogens, and genetics. Find a CALS major that suits your interests by taking our majors quiz. You can also find information regarding our undergraduate and graduate programs on our website.


Posted: December 6, 2019

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