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4-H Weed, CA Fire Disaster Relief Challenge

Sixty (60) 4-H youth in Weed, California (Siskiyou County), have lost their homes due to wildfires. For the preWebb_CA3sent, immediate needs (food, shelter and clothing) are being taken care of, but these 4-H youth are without school supplies. Most of the children without supplies are in grades K – 4, but range all the way to high school.

The Florida 4-H Camping program is donating 60 backpacks and shipping them to Leon County (Tallahassee, FL) to be filled with supplies before shipping to Weed, California. Each Florida County 4-H Office is challenged to collect items to include in the backpacks.

Suggested Items:

K – 5 grade: supply box, glue sticks, regular glue, blunt-tipped scissors, large eraser, No. 2 pencils, pens, crayons, pocket folders, tissues, highlighters, rulers, loose leaf wide-ruled paper, composition notebooks, 3 ring binders, wide-ruled spiral-bound notebooks.

6 – 12 grade: supply box, glue sticks, regular glue, scissors, large eraser, No. 2 pencils, mechanical pencils and refill lead, highlighters, pens, rulers, wide-ruled spiral bound notebook (6-8), college ruled spiral notebook (9-12), composition notebook, loose leaf college-ruled paper, 3 ring binders, index cards, perforated graphing paper, scientific calculator, flash drive

Please support your local Calhoun County 4-H office in this effort by donating needed items. Please drop them off by September 25, 2014 at the Calhoun County Extension Office, 20816 Central Ave East, Blountstown, FL. Phone number: 850-674-8323. We realize this is short turnaround time, but that is the way it is when helping those affected by disaster.

For video footage and interviews of affected townspeople:

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