4-H Goes Back to School


School is back in session this Wednesday, August 18th, and our 4-Hers are ready to learn!

The University of Florida and Broward County Parks and Recreation offers a positive youth development program through 4-H.. We provide youth ages 5-18 years old life skills through project-based learning and community service projects. 4-H offer programs relating to the 4 “H’s,” hands, head, heart, and health. We build youth’s confidence, competency, contributions, care and compassion to better our community.

Now what does all that mean in relation to school? School is big factor in the lives of our youth. Majority of the day is spent inside school, a large part of afternoons is spent participating in activities provided by the school, and evenings are dominated by homework/studying for school the next day. 4-H can provide an outlet for learning in fun, hands-on ways. Below is a list of what youth can expect to participate in from Broward County 4-H:


  1. Clubs focusing on gardening, archery, horses, robotics, and creative arts.
  2. Workshops to build STEM, public speaking, and leadership skills.
  3. Events with other organizations promoting hands-on learning such as BBQ tailgates, Art in the Garden, etc.
  4. Volunteer opportunities to better our community of Broward County.
  5. A community fair to show off skills to win prizes!


4-H focuses on building skills within our youth to better our future. Time is an asset, so time spent outside of school-learning should not feel like another task to check of the list. Broward County 4-H keeps learning fun and meaningful!

If you or someone you know is interested in Broward County 4-H, visit Broward 4-H Youth Development – UF/IFAS Extension (ufl.edu) to learn more about what we do!


Posted: August 18, 2021

Category: 4-H & Youth
Tags: Back To School

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