New Hampshire Red Chicken information for 4-H’ers

With the Brevard County Poultry Auction right around the corner on March 16th. Brevard County 4H’ers are raising New Hampshire Red Chickens this year. Here is some quick information about the New Hampshire Red chicken.

Origins of the New Hampshire Red chicken

The New Hampshire Red entered the Standard of Perfection in 1935. Through intensive screening of the Rhode Island Red, they became a specialized selection. A different breed emerged having vigor, rapid growth, fast feathering, and early maturity. The process took place mainly in Massachusetts and New Hampshire from which it takes its name.

Characteristics of the New Hampshire Red

The New Hampshire Red has a thick, broad body. It grows feathers very quickly and is prone to go broody which makes them suitable mothers. Most pin feathers are a reddish buff in color and, therefore, do not detract from the appearance very much. The color is a medium to light red and often fades in the sunshine. The comb is single and large to medium in size; it often lops over a bit in females. They have fair egg laying ability and are a good medium sized meat chicken. New Hampshire Red eggs are brown in color and sometimes can be a darker brown. New Hampshire Reds are competitive and aggressive.

Weights and Use of the New Hampshire Red

The standard weights for New Hampshire reds: Cock: 8 ½ pounds; Hen: 6 ½ pounds; Cockerel: 7 ½ pounds; Pullet: 5 ½ pounds. Selected more for meat production than egg production, New Hampshire Reds are a dual purpose chicken.


Posted: February 12, 2018

Category: 4-H & Youth
Tags: Chickens

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