Ready, Set, Let’s Preserve

According to the USDA 40 to 50% of fruits and vegetables bought by consumers are wasted more often and in greater quantities than dry foods. Several reasons are because fruits and vegetables require refrigeration once harvested and have a shorter shelf life than processed foods. Reducing food waste in homes can pay off and reduce the amount of money wasted. There are other benefits to preserving such as having healthy food year-round and reducing food waste in landfills.  

Canning is a fun activity the whole family can take part in. It is a wonderful way to take fresh foods that are grown, bought from a local farmers’ market, or local grocer last all year. If you are new to canning or a novice home preserver taking part in a canning class with Bradford County Extension will sharpen your skills in several ways. Explore the safe methods of home preservation by learning scientifically tested procedures in water bath canning, drying herbs, and freezing foods in bulk. Participating in food preservation workshops offers up-to-date safety practices, and an opportunity to test new recipes and share your experiences with others. Learn more about Food Preservation workshops offered at the Bradford County Extension Office. Please view the attached list of workshops.  


Posted: July 19, 2022

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