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Greenfly Orchid – Wild Weeds

Wild Weeds – Weed of the Month

Greenfly Orchid

Epidendrum magnoliae
greenfly orchid flowers and leaves on tree.

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The Greenfly orchid is one of the only frost-resistant epiphytes that can survive in the United State. Typically orchids are found in jungles with a temperate climate including warm temperatures and higher humidity. The Greenfly Orchid is the only epiphytic orchid that occurs outside the state of Florida in the continental US. Generally flowers can be seen from August until March however if conditions are favorable it can flower sporadically throughout the year. The orchid produces 2-3 dark green leaves and 1-18 yellowish green flowers. Often found in large colonies growing on a variety of trees but primarily live oak, and can be hidden by ferns or spanish moss. This orchid is pollinated by nocturnal moths. Some cultivated plants may be available commercially for use in your landscape or hanging plant.

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4 Comments on “Greenfly Orchid – Wild Weeds

  1. Aren’t lady’s slippers orchids? They occur throughout the Appalachians.

  2. I’m sure you meant to say the Epidendrum magnoliae (not “magonliae”) is the only epiphyte growing outside of Florida, not that it is the only orchid growing outside of Florida. The USDA Plant database returns 705 records when you search for “orchid”. It is a nice plant that grows in the northern part of the state. It cannot take the heat of South Florida.