Internship Experiences in ANS: Christopher Hernandez & Taylor Clements

Christopher Hernandez

Student in chicken house on internship
Hernandez in broiler house on internship.

Christopher Hernandez is a current UF Animal Sciences student in the Food Animal Specialization. Hernandez spent his summer internship in Pineville, Missouri, on Cobb-Bear Hollow Farm. His internship was specifically under Cobb-Vantress Genetics, a broiler chicken genetics company owned by Tyson. His responsibilities varied as he floated through each department of the farm. Hernandez has completed various tasks such as vaccination, artificial insemination, phenotype selection, egg collection, and barn cleaning.  

Hernandez learned of this internship opportunity while attending the International Production and Processing Expo earlier this year, where he was able to network with other students and industry professionals.   

Hernandez’s favorite part of his internship was learning about how much thought, data, and work goes into producing chickens with the utmost welfare practices and production qualities. He says this internship has enhanced his undergraduate career by helping him see what a day on the job looks like within the poultry industry.

His advice to his fellow undergraduate Animal Sciences peers considering completing an internship would be to network with other students and industry professionals as much as possible.   

Taylor Clements

Student working with horseon her internship.
Clements training a horse on her internship.

Taylor Clements is a current UF Animal Sciences student in the Equine Specialization. Clements spent her summer interning at Hope Equine Rescue in Winter Haven, Florida. Hope Equine Rescue is a non-profit rescue organization for horses. Her responsibilities included managing the barn, helping prepare for events, and training horses. She also assisted veterinarians and chiropractors during multiple programs that visited the facility. 

Clements said her favorite part of her internship was “training a Gypsy Vanner and getting to put the first ride on her and help give her a new chance at life.” She refined her practical skills while doctoring and training the horses on the farm.  

This internship greatly enhanced Clements’ undergraduate experience as an Animal Sciences student. Clements discovered how many people are involved in the agriculture industry and how many opportunities there are, specifically in Animal Sciences.

Clements offered one piece of advice to her fellow undergraduate Animal Sciences peers. She says, “Choose an internship that really sparks your interest!” 

2023 Animal Sciences Internship Seminar

Join us at the Animal Sciences Department’s Internship Seminar on Wednesday, October 11th at the UF/IFAS Straughn Professional Development Center. Students, educators, employers, and friends are invited to join us as we hear from over 40 current students showcasing their internships. The program will begin at 6:30 PM.

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Posted: September 15, 2023

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