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Vita Plus Dairy Nutrition and Management Fellowship

Michigan State University, Department of Animal Science

with Dr. Adam Lock, Associate Professor

Objective: To develop a student for a career in dairy nutrition and management consulting. This is an advanced degree path with on-farm, research, feed facility, and production experience. The Fellowship is funded through a graduate Dairy Nutrition Fellowship from Vita Plus.

Fellowship Details

The student will be selected by Vita Plus and Dr. Adam Lock.
Student is expected to complete a Plan B, M.S. degree in course through the Department of Animal Science at Michigan State University. Must have a B.S. in a related field from an accredited university as well as meet the entrance requirements to enter a master’s program at Michigan State University. The Plan B Master of Science Program at Michigan State University consists of course work, a research project without a thesis, and a final examination covering course work and the research project.
Starts fall semester of 2019 and completes after the fall semester of 2020. This amounts to an average
of eight course credits per semester plus a total of six research credits.
Paid through Michigan State University via the Dairy Nutrition Fellowship set up with Dr. Lock
and Vita Plus.
Industry Experience:
Student will be expected to work with Vita Plus and its staff over the duration of the fellowship for approximately 35% of the time. Activities include but not limited to: Vita Plus personal growth training, Tri-State Nutrition conference, Vita Plus summer dairy workshop, Dairy Technology Networking sessions (DTN’s), on-farm evaluations, Dairy Ration Runner’s sessions, Dairy Summit.
An on-farm research project will be required. To be performed at either the university dairy research

facility or an off-campus dairy operation.
Application Deadline:
January 4th, 2019
For Further Information:
Matt Wood 
Sales Manager 
Vita Plus 
Stacy Nichols
Dairy Technical Specialist 
Vita Plus 
Dr. Adam Lock
Department of Animal Sciences
Michigan State University


Posted: October 2, 2018


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