JYJ Red Angus LLC Hiring Full-Time Beef Cattle Herd Manager

JYJ Red Angus LLC is a registered seed stock operation in Southeast Alabama that consists of registered cattle as well as commercial herds. Additional farming entities include the production of peanuts, cotton, small grains, and forages.

Responsibilities & Requirements of Job:

  • Day-to-day care of cattle
  • Maintain complete herd health program
  • Synchronization of females for AI and embryo transfer
  • Artificially inseminate cattle (or willing to learn skill)
  • Manage data and maintain accurate herd records, including:
    • Measuring and recording birth weights 
    • Individually identify calves
    • EPDs, ratios, and indices
  • Implement and follow low stress handling techniques
  • Facility maintenance, including fencing and equipment
  • Hay and crop production 

In addition to the above responsibilities, other basic farmranch duties will be necessary. The applicant should be willing to learn, have good work ethic, and have a team-work attitude. The applicant should be able to work alone and/or with others.

JYJ Red Angus LLC is a cooperator herd with R.A. Brown Ranch Throckmorton, TX. As a result, there will be certain protocols that must be followed to be in compliance with the co-op agreement, including confidential information.

For more information and to apply, please contact Jim or Jessica Yance via phone, e-mail, or text at any time with questions or concerns. Resumes may be submitted via e-mail or USPS.

Jim and Jessica Yance
1092 Davis Street
Columbia, AL 36319

Posted: October 11, 2017


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