Florida Farm Bureau Internship Program

The Florida Farm Bureau Internship Program is available to students enrolled in post-secondary education majoring in agriculture and related disciplines. A variety of internships related to our eight departments are available. These internships have been created to provide students with educational opportunities to gain experience from hands on involvement in day-to-day ag business situations. 

Internship Tracks Include:
  • Executive Office/Legal (August – September)
  • State Legislative Affairs (TBD)
  • Public Relations (January – March)
  • Federation Accounting (January – March)
  • Ag Policy/National Affairs 
    • Policy Development/Advisory Committee (August – September)
    • CARES, County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship (September – October)
    • National Affairs (January – May)
  • Local Government Affairs – Local Regulatory Issues (May – July)
  • Field Services
    • Event Planning and Management (August – November)
    • Organization (January – March)
  • Florida Ag Marketing Association (November – December)
Most internships will be six weeks in length and based on a 20 hour work week. Individuals selected to participate in the program will be employed through a Temp Service and will receive payment of $10 per hour worked.
Please check the description of each track carefully and make sure you can commit the time necessary during the stated period of the internship. One candidate, for each internship offered, will be selected through an application and interview process with the Farm Bureau division manager and Intern Program Coordinator.
For a complete description of internship tracks, please visit this link.
To apply, visit this link. Application deadlines vary by track, so please visit the link above for track descriptions. 


Posted: June 27, 2017


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