Graduating Student Spotlight: Erin Guby

“These past five years at the University of Florida have been most incredible years of my life.” – Erin Guby, ABE Graduating Student (B.S., Biological Engineering)

Today’s graduating student spotlight goes to Erin Guby! Erin is graduating this semester with her Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering. Erin has attended the University of Florida for five years and been involved in research experiences, a study abroad, the UF club field hockey team, a sorority, and much more. Read more about Erin’s UF ABE experience this Q&A.

These past five years at the University of Florida have been most incredible years of my life. I’ll always remember the feeling of cruising around campus on my bike during dusk. I’ll never forget beating FSU club field hockey team in over time and all the amazing people I met through the team. Who could forget the feeling in The Stadium when Felipe Franks threw that Hail Mary to beat Tennessee? Or the year Gators Basketball made it to the Elite Eight in March Madness?

I will treasure all the hours I spent at Lake Wauburg working and playing there. I will always have a special place in my heart for all the amazing girls I met through my sorority – and the shenanigans I got myself into with these girls. How could I forget about the summer study abroad program to Germany I did! So many great memories just from this trip (touring a steel factory, touring the largest VW factory in the world, and some of the best food and beer I’ve ever had!).

I really could go on forever, but to sum it up: It Was Great UF!

The ABE Department helped me get involved and get hands on research experience. I was on the first iGEM team from UF a few years ago. iGEM is a research project that involves creating a novel GMO and presenting your work to a panel of judges at a huge jamboree at MIT. This experience was incredible, taught me so much and was a great resume booster.

I’ve also used experience from several classes to round out my resume. This has really helped me stand out as a candidate and ultimately got me my internship and job.

Dr. Jim Leary was the reason I declared a major in the Agriculture and Biological Engineering department. He was so approachable, easy to talk to, and nonjudgmental. I was always comfortable talking to him. He also inspired me to go on the study abroad in Osnabruick, Germany, which was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

After graduation, I will be moving to St. Petersburg to start a job with Kimley-Horn. I will be starting as an Engineer in Training (EIT) on the Integrated Water team. I am so excited for this next chapter of my life!

Don’t race to graduation. You can graduate in four years if you take 18 credits a semester and do Summer C every year? So what. If you overload your schedule consistently your grades, mental health, physical health, and social life will all suffer (Trust me, I’ve seen it happen). Find your pace. Apply for that co-op, or study abroad, or take a summer off to go home and work a summer job. You will graduate, you will get a job, and there’s no timeline you need to follow.


Posted: April 20, 2020

Category: Academics, Curriculum, Professional Development, UF/IFAS Teaching

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