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What is the name of this plant?

Question of the Week. What is the name of this plant??? Please post your comments below. The answer will be revealed next week !

What it the name of this plant? Image Credit: Dr. Pete Vergot

What it the name of this plant? Image Credit: Dr. Pete Vergot

The answer is Brugmansia spp.

Edward F. Gillman states in his publication:

“This small tree with large, 6- to 8-inch-long, simple leaves
makes a dramatic statement in any landscape. Reaching
perhaps to 15 feet tall, this densely foliated plant puts on a no
less than spectacular show when in full bloom in summer and
fall. Flowers hang from the stems and branches and drape the
plant with orange, white or yellow for a number of weeks.
Flowers can be up to 12 inches long.”

In Northwest Florida, this may die to the ground in the winter, and will need protection from extremely cold temperatures

It often will re-seed itself.



12 Comments on “What is the name of this plant?

  1. My grandmother always called it angels’ trumpets. Love the variety of colors now available.

  2. Brugmansia… mine are tall enough not to interest the dog. No children here to be worried about either.

  3. It is a Brugmansia commonly known as an angel’s trumpet. Datura is also called angel’s trumpet but this is a very nice brugmansia.

  4. This is Datura, but it is commonly know as “angel’s Trumpet.”

  5. The old saying is, “Angel Trumpets (Brugmansia) blow down from heaven. Devil Trumpets (Datura) blow up from you-know-where.

  6. My guess is an Angel Trumpet, but I didn’t think they were classified as small trees.

  7. Datura will reseed, but Brugmansia will not. In fact, with the large number of hybrids around these days, if it does produce viable seed, the new plant will not likely resemble the parent. They are hardy in zone 8 and below.

    I have a lot of them.

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