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Grasshoppers Can Strip A Garden Down To Twigs


Grasshoppers are small and often overlooked now, but their chewing capacity will soon gain them notice for their level of plant destruction.

By Les Harrison
Wakulla Extension Director

Summer 2016 has arrived, and all the fun is just days away. While it is true the official beginning of summer is still a few weeks away, the temperature is warm, school is out and leisure activities are everywhere in Wakulla County.

Even the major home landscape and garden chores are in the past. The springtime clean up, primarily raking leaves and pine straw, has been done for weeks.

The only real work in the horizon is the weekly mowing job to keep the turf grass at a manageable height. A few hours weekly with the lawnmower and everything is under control.

Well, not quite. The weather has been favorable for people, and the insect population, in north Florida.  The ample rain and the comfortable temperatures have produce not only good growing conditions for the lawn and garden, it is the ideal set of conditions for insects to eat, move around and reproduce at an ever accelerating rate.

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