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Hibiscus-infecting virus found in citrus

A hibiscus virus has been found in sweet oranges. The hibiscus-infecting cilevirus (HiCV) was previously thought to only infect hibiscus. HiCV was found infecting sweet oranges in Columbia with the citrus-infecting cilevirus (CiLV-C2) in 2020. HiCV was first reported in Florida in 2018 and it is currently unclear if there is a risk to Florida citrus production.

Ring spot lesions on senescing hibiscus leaves associated with HiCV. Photo credit: Maria Velez-Climent, FDACS-DPI

FDACS-DPI is monitoring HiCV in Florida. For more information on the virus, check out the FDACS-DPI Pest Alert:

A helpline is also available at: or 1-888-397-1517