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Are You Ready, YET?

The Nassau County Youth Emergency Team (YET) completed its inaugural year in 2017-2018 with 17 graduates. This innovative program partnered Nassau County 4-H and Emergency Management utilizing the fundamental curriculum from Teen CERT and partnering it with the philosophies of 4-H. We have 27 total graduates from this program to date.

Several of these graduates have since continued on with the program volunteering at events as first-aid responders, conducting public outreach and communication, applied for National positions, competed in local and district speech competitions, and even leading a massive service learning event teaching over 400 teenagers at 4-H University. Our graduates have impressed their parents, friends, instructors, and  practically everyone they encounter. This is attributed due to their wealth of knowledge and wholesome character.

What is YET?

So what exactly happens in a Youth Emergency Team class? 

Youth ages 11-18 sign up through 4-H. Participants attend several classes spanning a few months. This allows the training to be more in-depth and strengthen the team mentality of the cadre. The youth complete a final written exam and drill, then attend a graduation ceremony. Once graduated they are able to participate in community events as official YETies!

The program is free unless the participants seek outside activity in 4-H, which would only require a $20 a year fee.  Older youth who show good leadership are tasked with being a group mentor. These group mentors oversee 2-3 other YET members for group activities and evaluation preparations. Group mentors are also tasked with other assignments such as helping instructors, checking homework, or leading class activities. These mentors also receive extra community service hours for their additional responsibilities. All graduates earn a minimum of 25 community service hours and there is no maximum allowance.

Each week will tackle multiple subjects involving emergency response or disaster preparedness. These topics include:

  • Disaster preparations, evacuation routes, and supply kits
  • Animal sheltering and behavior
  • Search and Rescue
  • Stress Management
  • Terrorism
  • Practice Drills
  • First-aid
  • Fire Safety

This year’s team will include everything from last year with the addition of another level of mentors. Graduates from previous classes are dedicated to helping the next team and will have a large role in leading this year’s YET!

Why Join?

Our graduates have given us quotes about YET stating that by completing the program they have/are:

  • A sense of “family” and belonging
  • Increasing Confidence
  • Feeling empowered with skills to help themselves and others
  • Overcoming emotional issues
  • Leadership skills
  • Public Speaking confidence
  • Discovering career paths and opportunities

Beyond this our graduates earn large amounts of community service, have opportunities to practice their skills, join a team that is committed to helping Nassau County, and have access to career-readiness opportunities and support.

Up for it?

If your family is interested in YET, consider joining us for our interest meeting August 22nd from 5:30-6:30pm at the Nassau County Emergency Operations Center. No RSVP required but it is appreciated.

Registrations for the next class are due September 6th and the first class will begin September 19th (hurricanes permitting). To get your application click HERE!

The 2019-2020 Schedule is available now. All classes are held at the Nassau County Emergency Operations Center.

For questions visit our dedicated Facebook Page or you can call either Ms. Kelsey (904-530-6353) or Mrs. Paula (904-548-0900).