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Flatwoods Plum

Fact sheet: Flatwoods Plum


A native of the woods of the southeastern United States, Flatwoods Plum is a round-topped, deciduous tree, reaching 20 feet in height with a 15-foot spread, that is most often planted for its spectacular display of blooms. It may look a little ragged in winter. In late February, before the two-inch-long, finely serrate leaves appear, these small trees take on a white, billowy, almost cloud-like appearance when they are clothed in the profuse, small, white flower clusters. These half-inch blooms are followed by one-inch-long, edible, purple fruits which vary in flavor from very tart to sweet. These plums are very attractive to various forms of wildlife.


Scientific name: Prunus umbellata
Pronunciation: PROO-nus um-bell-AY-tuh
Common name(s): Flatwoods Plum

Fact sheet: Flatwoods Plum

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden