How to Purchase Becky Jordi’s book “Zoe’s Mission”

Zoe's Mission
Rebecca Jordi and Master Gardener Volunteers present newly released book Zoe’s mission.

How to Purchase Becky Jordi’s book “Zoe’s Mission.”

Appointments Required for Same Day Payment and Book Pick-Up

  • Appointments are made with either Laura or Holli at the Callahan Office
  • Payments methods – check or cash $25 per book, plus 7% tax ($1.75)
  • At appointment time customer comes to the Callahan door and puts payment through mail slot.
  • Once payment amount is confirmed, while customer waits in their car, the book is then placed outside on the table.
  • Books can be mailed ($4 postage fee)


Please contact Laura Laroche or Holli Klein at (904)530-6353 to purchase a book.


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Posted: August 10, 2020

Category: Home Landscapes
Tags: Books, Zoe's Mission

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