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Beach Sunflower

Fact sheet: Beach Sunflower

The Beach Sunflower is a spreading perennial that has attractive, small sunflower-like flower heads which are borne throughout the year. These showy flowers have 10 to 20, pale yellow rays that encircle a purplish-brown disk that is ½ to 1 inch wide. Different species of butterflies are attracted to these charming flowers. The 3-inch-wide flowers of this plant are followed by small seeds that readily germinate to produce plantlets. The Beach Sunflower has small, dark green, deltoid leaves that are irregularly lobed and toothed. These glossy leaves are roughly pubescent and attain a length of 4 inches.

Scientific name: Helianthus debilis

Pronunciation: heel-ee-ANTH-us DEB-bil-liss

Common name(s): Beach Sunflower

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Planted in Nassau County Demonstration Garden

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