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SFRC Serves: Tyler Carney

Welcome to our new Summer Blog Series, SFRC Serves. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we are sharing stories of how our students and alumni give back to their communities


Tyler Carney


PhD in Forest Resources and Conservation


Meet Tyler Carney, a fellow Gator that has completed the first year of his PhD in Forest Resources and Conservation. He also works as a Graduate Assistant in the Natural Resource Policy and Economics Lab on campus.

In the past four years he has volunteered with the City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs where he calls Sweetwater Wetlands Park his main area of service.

He describes his volunteer work to mostly be manual labor, which includes; trail maintenance, invasive removal, and trash pickup. However, these tasks involve a significant amount of outreach in order to get the job done.

Tyler says, “A lot of our special events are night hikes, reptile showcases, invasive plant removals, or specific to certain species, or type of animal.” For example, “Birds, insects, flowers, pollinators, etc are all fair game, but reptile tables with live reptiles have drawn the most attention.”