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4-H Repurposed Container Garden Winners

ContainerGardenContestEntryPhotoCollage_2014In April 2014, Calhoun County 4-H Learning Gardens kicked off the first annual Container Garden Contest with the theme “Repurposed Container.” These are the photos of the entries for this year. We greatly appreciate the community response and enjoyed the various repurposed containers. The 2014 winners in the ornamental division are:

Individual: Casey Hatcher – 1st Place 5-7 years; Carter Waldron – 1st Place 11-13 years; Walker Strawn – 1st Place 14-18 years; Terri Waldron – 1st Place 19+ years; Caroline Howell – 2nd Place 14-18 years; Kim Flowers – 2nd Place 19+ years; Heather Yoder – 3rd Place 14-18 years.

Team: Corey Darnell & Santana Lee – 1st Place 14-18 years; B.J. Throne & Emily Calam – 1st Place 19+ years, Aelon Dykes & April Rich – 2nd Place 14-18 years; Shayla Harris & Terrianne Edenfield – 3rd Place 14-18 years.

Business: B.J. Throne Attorney – 1st Place

There were no entries in the vegetable division.

Thank you to everyone who participated and our congratulations to the winners. We are looking forward to next year’s competition and will look for you there!

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