Peanut Field Doesn’t Look Just Right? Funding Now Available for Lab Diagnostics

Grant funding is now available to pay for laboratory diagnostics needed to diagnose any visible symptoms in peanut fields.

Covered lab fees include:

  • Soil fertility analysis
  • Plant tissue analysis (nutrients)
  • Nematode assay
  • Irrigation water analysis
  • Disease/pathology diagnosis

The funds have been made available as part of an effort to help document the frequency and distribution of negative factors impacting peanut production throughout Florida, particularly as they relate to “Peanut Collapse”. To facilitate this goal, there will be a series of questions outlining the production practices specific to the field where samples are collected. Additionally, the location of the field will be documented. An extension agent will handle collecting and submitting all samples.

To date, “Peanut Collapse” has not been an issue in the here in the Central Panhandle. We are still able to take advantage of these funds so that researchers can have data from un-impacted areas to compare to the data collected from fields where “Peanut Collapse” has been documented.

Take advantage of this opportunity. Anything you come across that doesn’t look just right – contact the County Extension Office. An extension agent will collect and submit samples so we can figure out what’s going on. Having more information on which to base management decisions is always a good thing, especially when you can get it for free.


Posted: July 8, 2020

Category: Agriculture, Crops
Tags: Diagnostic Services, Funding, Peanut

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