Broomsedge WN 2-4-16
Broomsedge is easy to identify in the winter landscape by its tan color and erect posture

By Les Harrison, Wakulla County Extension Director

With Wakulla County’s warm weather a few months away, there are plenty of dormant, but not inactive plants in the environment. Seed distribution is ongoing in wild and manicured landscapes area wide.

One such colonizer, Andropogon virginicus, is a species of weedy grass known as broomsedge. Not a true sedge which has a triangle shaped stem, it is a native grass with many related species on the inhabited continents.

It is a common site in pastures, fallow fields, and under pine trees. It stands are commonly isolated clumps, apparently a social outcast in the plant world.

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Posted: February 4, 2016

Category: Natural Resources
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