rabbit in the grass
The Eastern cotton tail is the local rabbit species. If you see one, there are likely hundreds in the area.

Les Harrison is the UF/IFAS Wakulla County Extension Director

Bugs Bunny has amused and entertained millions, if not billions, of viewers since his introduction in 1938. His cavalier approach to challenges and signature Brooklyn/Bronx accent propelled him, and his creators, to international fame.

Elmer Fudd served as a comic foil for the wisecracking, “wascally wabbit!” Fudd, sometimes hunter/sometimes gardener, was always outsmarted by the quick-witted hare.

No matter what the trap or scheme, Fudd’s efforts were always defeated with casual ease by Bugs, who displayed excessive self-confidence and amusement at the anemic efforts.

Invariably, Bugs ended up leaning on a tree or fence post, munching a carrot, with the question, “What’s up, doc?” Unfortunately, many Wakulla County gardeners can sympathize with Elmer Fudd’s frustration in his attempts to defeat the cunning bunny. Wead mowe about wabbits here!


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Posted: August 28, 2015

Category: Natural Resources, Wildlife
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