Grasshoppers are Emerging, Ready to Eat

Often overlooked because of their small size and ability to hide during early stage development, grasshoppers are already out and eating.
Often overlooked during early stage development, Eastern lubbers (known locally as Georgia Thumpers) are already out and eating.

Les Harrison is the UF/IFAS Wakulla County Extension Director

The ample amount of rainfall these last few weeks has local plants opening their leaves wide in anticipation of sunnier weather. Unfortunately, those leaves are an edible picnic blanket for insects.

Caterpillars, annoying as they may be for gardeners, at least metamorphosis into beautiful butterflies or moths, and take on the task of pollinating the county’s flowers. Grasshoppers, however, do nothing but EAT. Read the full article here!


Posted: April 22, 2015

Category: Natural Resources, Wildlife
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