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Written by Brandon Peterson

Courtesy of Shelley Swenson
Wakulla County Family & Consumer Science Agent

Through our Master Money Mentor Program we have another connection to University of Florida resources. Read this article by one of the University coordinators on Internetainment.

“Are you not entertained?” is a famous quote from the movie Gladiator. Well nowadays, being entertained at home is choosing between watching television on cable or satellite versus using the Internet. For some of us it may be a tough choice, especially if we had to choose one medium to fit our budget. We are all coming to the realization that paying for a “bundled package” takes quite a toll on our bank accounts.

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Posted: March 15, 2012

Category: Work & Life
Tags: Etc., Families & Consumers, Family & Consumer Sciences, Internetainment, Media, Movies, Music, Shelley Swenson

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