Beef Cattle Management Calendar – Florida

Beef cattle production management on Florida operations is different. Folks in agriculture, in Florida, know that it is different from other parts of the country. Our seasons are different, our climate is different. When parts of the country are in deep freezes, we are enjoying wonderful weather. Humidity and bugs are not our friends and we have plenty of both. I mention this because reading management calendars for cattle will vary depending on who is writing them and where they live.

University of Florida, Department of Animal Sciences has posted a Florida version of a beef cattle management calendar. It is a handy reference and a reminder of what you should be doing relative to managing your herd in Florida. Print it, and keep it in your truck. For those that are electronic savvy, save it on your smartphones. In either case, keep it handy as a reference.


Posted: November 21, 2018

Category: Agriculture, Livestock
Tags: Calendar, Cattle, Management

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