Good Bug or Bad Bug?

If you are new to the sunshine state, you may have noticed that there just a few bugs down here. Well, maybe more than just a few! Bugs can be found everywhere. They are in our landscape, flowers, mulch and even our trees. We also have bugs that like to crawl or fly into our houses. Are all of those bugs going to eat your entire landscape or chew your house down? Of course they are not. Only 1% of all of the insects found on planet Earth are considered harmful. However, those 1%’rs can be pests. Not all bugs are bad. We just need to identify those that are, decide if they are causing a problem and if they are, then treat accordingly. The first rule in any successful integrated pest management program is identification. If you see worm-like critters crawling on your driveway and getting in your house, should you be concerned? Chances are those little worm-like critters are millipedes. A harmless beneficial organism that appears frequently, especially after a hard rain or drop in temperature. Just sweep them up and your problem is solved. If you see small pellets coming out of holes in your antique furniture, should you be concerned. The answer is probably yes. That could be drywood termites or another wood destroying pest. Before you start using pesticides, first identify. Place the bug in a vial of rubbing alcohol and go to your local county extension. In some cases, it is very normal and acceptable to have pests in the landscape. One should only treat if damage is being done.


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Posted: February 1, 2018

Category: HOME LANDSCAPES, Pests & Disease

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