Guava Pest and Disease: Spiraling whitefly

Distribution and status

Whitefly is a polyphagous pest that causes damage to ornamental trees, fruit trees, shade trees, and vegetables. The islands of the Caribbean and Central America are its original home. Due to its quick spread and adaptability, it can now be found in nearly every country.

Host range

It can be found on 128 different plants, including guava, cassava, cotton, chillies, tomato, brinjal, bhendi, papaya, crotons, and many weeds such as Euphorbia, Corchorus, Eclipta, Vernonia, Vicoa, Acalypha, Alternanthra, Amaranthus, Convolvulus, Abutilon, etc.

Symptoms of damage

  • Adults and nymphs alike feed on the sap of plant leaves.
  • The growth of the sooty mold fungus is caused by honey dew.
  • The leaves are beginning to turn yellow.
  • The leaves that were affected will fall off.


  • Field sanitation
  • Removal of host plants like Abutilon, Acalypha, Euphorbia, etc., in the nearby vicinity as these plants are alternate hosts.
  • Setup of traps made of yellow adhesive tape (yellow sticky traps)
  • During heavy infestation – application of proper insecticide
  • Spray neem oil 3% or NSKE 5%
Sooty mold fungus grows on affected leaves


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Posted: September 11, 2023

Tags: Guava, Guava Pest, Whitefly

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