Pesticide Applicator Certification Frequently Asked Questions

1. What license/certificate do I need?
    1. Visit –
2. How do I sign up to take an exam?
    1. First obtain a voucher –
    2. Second schedule your exam with IFAS –
3. How do I get technical support or ask questions about Everblue (remote proctored exams)?
    1. Call 1-888-502-8151
    2. Email –
4. What do I need besides the exam to get my certificate? Ask them if they are treating lawns or around buildings with people in them
    1. If YES email or call the Pest Control line 850-617-7997
    2. If NO then no requirements needed before testing; just get a voucher and test
5. My voucher isn’t working who do I contact?
    1. For 487/ag licenses call 850-617-7870 or email
    2. For 482/structural license call 850-617-7997 or email
    3. For 388/mosquito call 850-617-7997 or email
6. I passed my exams now what?
    1. Check your email for further instructions; might need to check junk mail
    2. Or email if no email can be found
7. I paid where is my license/certificate?
    1. First search your name here:
    2. IF there is a license there go here to request a duplicate copy:
    3. If no license listed email
8. Where do I find my exam score?
    1. Your final score should have been emailed to you, may need to check junk mail
    2. If you have nothing, email
9. Where do I renew my pest control business license?
    1. Visit –
    2. For additional assistance contact
10. I have a question about the pesticide label or how to safely use a specific product, who do I call?
    1. Refer to the label or call the number listed on the label
11. I have a question about WPS compliance, who do I call?
    1. Refer to
    2. Call your local county extension office
12. I think someone illegally sprayed pesticides, what do I do?
    1. Email and
    2. Or call 850-617-7996 to file a report
13. I want to be on the “no spray list” and/or be notified before a pesticide application occurs, how do I do that?
    1. Visit –
    2. On the right hand side select “application for prior notification of pesticide applications”


Terminology (for FDACS help desk people to understand not to explain to callers)

License: This can refer to either a “license” to apply pesticides for those in Chapter 487 (Agriculture RUP) or can refer to the business license for those in Chapter 482


Statute 388: Mosquito control


Statute 482: using pesticides inside or around buildings (including lawns); residential or associated areas.


Statute 487: Agriculture and all other pesticide uses NOT mosquito or around buildings


RUP: Restricted Use Products or Restricted Use Pesticides


PCO: Pest Control Operator


PIO: Pesticide information Office (352-392-4721)


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Posted: June 24, 2022

Category: Agriculture
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