How to Apply for the Pesticide License Examination

Which pesticide license do I need?

Please click on the link below and answer the following questions to determine the license you need. The questionnaire provided in this link will help you to find the appropriate license based on your job type.


Where can I find the study material for each exam?

You can find and purchase the appropriate study material for each exam on UF/ IFAS Extension Bookstore website. Please study the license book before taking the exam.


Where can I apply for the examination?

I assume that now you know the type of license you need. To apply for the examination, please go to the Pesticide Certification Exams website and click on “Apply for Examination” to apply for the pesticide applicator license and exam. Then you will be redirected to FDACS website, to choose the right license. On the FDACS website, you have three choices.


  • Click on Apply for Examination

  • Choose the category which you want to get the license and take a test (or pay for the license)

         Check the list of license in each chapter on the next page.

If you do not know which chapter includes your appropriate license, please refer to the following documents which provide all category exams for each chapter.

Document 1: Chapter 487

Document 2: Chapter 482

Document 3: Chapter 388

Structural/Residential Pest Control
Chapter 482

Agriculture/RUP License
Chapter 487 

Public Health / Mosquito Control
Chapter 388

Commercial Pest Control, Residential Pest Control, Lawn and Ornamental, Fumigation, Termite Control, Limited Structural, Limited Lawn and Ornamental, Landscape Maintenance, Limited Wildlife, Limited Urban Fertilizer. Agriculture, Commercial Applicator, Public Applicator, Private Applicator, Golf Courses, Aerial, Athletic Fields, Right of Ways, Natural Area Weed Management, Ag Row Crops, Ag Tree Crops, Farming, Sod Farms, Greenhouses, Soil and Greenhouse Fumigation, Aquatic Pest Control, Forest Pest Control, Demo & Research. Public Health Pest Control, Mosquito Control, PHPC, Aerial Mosquito Control, Mosquito Control District, Biting Fly Control


  • After choosing your chapter, click on it. On each chapter you can sign up for the pesticide test (Exam SignUp) or pay for your license after passing the test (Apply for a New …… OR   Renew ……..)


After filling out the form and add your information, you will get a voucher number that you need it for scheduling your test.
How to schedule my exam?

You can schedule your exam and reserve a seat online by returning to Pesticide Certification Exams website and click on “Schedule Examination”. Please make sure to complete this step before going to the extension office to take a test. Once you schedule your exam, bring your FDACS voucher number and picture ID to the testing facility on the day of the exam.

  • Now put your voucher number and last name in this page to schedule your test.

Then you have two options to take your exam. You can take your test online ,at home using your computer and webcam which cost $26, or you can take your test in any extension office.

If you decided to take your test in extension office, click on Schedule Examination in County Extension Office. Chosse the county extension office and click on View Test Schedule. 

For example, we chose Indian River Extension Office. There are several dates and time available for taking pesticide test in this office. Carefully choose the day and time which match your availability and click on Register.

When you register an dschedule your test, please print the final page or save it on your cell phone, or take a picture of the page. You will need the information on this page on exam day.

Please contact your county extension office if you need more information.





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