Water Harvesting with a Rain Barrel

Learn about uses and assembly of rain barrels by watching the video below. Be sure to follow all landscaping ordinances in your community. This is brought to you by the UF/IFAS Extension offices in St. Lucie and Martin Counties

Did you know that 1” of water on a 1000 sq ft roof yields 625 gallons of water? Why not find ways to harvest this water using rain barrels?One rain barrel could store 50 gallons of fresh water – that’s free water for your garden! This rain water does not contain chlorine, lime or calcium.Not only do you get free water for your plants, but you also reduce erosion and runoff that could potentially carry pollution into our estuaries and ponds.

Rain Barrels A Homeowner Guide (720KB, PDF) by Southwest Florida Water Management District
Rain Gardens (UF/IFAS)
Rain Garden Manual for Central Florida Residents (7.1MB,PDF) by Marina D’Abreau, UF/IFAS


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Posted: January 4, 2021

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