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Historically, humans and poultry have interacted in many ways beyond owning chickens as farm animals. From domesticated fowl being used for meat and egg production to fancy breeds being shown in competition, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and other poultry are a huge part of many cultures around the world. In 4-H, youth in the Poultry Project can learn:

  • Caring for and raising chickens responsibly and humanely.
  • Best management practices used on farms and industry.
  • Value of poultry meat and eggs in human nutrition and how to grade eggs.
  • Showmanship and showing techniques; breeds and anatomy of various types of poultry.


Poultry Opportunities in St. Johns County

St. Johns County 4-H is delighted to once again have a poultry related opportunity for our youth! The Poultry SPIN Club is a new club that provides youth a fun and hands-on learning experience that develops life skills, as well as teaches valuable information about properly caring for their birds. Topics such as general care, nutrition housing, and health care are covered during meetings and in project books. Youth also have the opportunity to develop responsibility, decision-making, nurturing, and communication skills through active participation in the 4-H Poultry SPIN Club.

Members got to select chicks from a variety of breeds such as this showgirl silkie!

At the first meeting, members received four chicks from a variety of breeds including white leghorn, barred rock, ameraucana, and silkies. The members learned about each breed and selected their chicks based on the traits and characteristics they wanted for their flock. One member was surprised to see how unique the differences were between the breeds! After selecting their chicks, members learned how to properly handle their chicks, set up a brooder, and how to care for their chicks.



Throughout the year, members will raise their chicks with the intent to show at two local fairs in the Spring. The birds will be judged on how well they conform to the standards of its specific breed and variety. While registration is now closed for this project, we hope that it will inspire more poultry-loving members to join the new poultry 4-H club next year! Registration for this new club will open in September.

Be sure to checkout the St. Johns County 4-H Website to discover what other opportunities are available to you! Click here to visit our website.


Posted: December 1, 2021

Category: 4-H & Youth, Livestock
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