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Hydration Myths is an excellent UF/IFAS EDIS publication on everyday myths we hear about water. Water is essential for life and used for vital functions in our body such as delivering nutrients to cells; removing waste products from the body; helping organs work properly; cushioning joints; and, regulating our body temperature. It helps us digest our food, reduce pain and swelling and remove waste through our body through perspiration, bowel movements and urination.

One myth we often hear is that everyone needs to drink 8 glasses of water a day. While it depends on your physical activity level, the environment you live or work in and your medical condition, the total beverage intake depends on your age/life stage. For instance, men over 18 should have a total intake of thirteen cups per day, while woman over 18 should have a total of nine. The EDIS publication goes into detail of the various life stages and the amount of beverage that should be consumed.

Is it okay to drink beverages such as coffee, tea, milk and 100% fruit juice to provide with the needed water intake? Yes, fruit drinks, soda and diet soda can be counted toward your total water intake. However, the downside is that many of these drinks will add extra calories to your diet. Let’s not forget to consume water rich foods – such as soups, fruits and vegetables – which can also provide water.

Hydration Myths



Posted: February 5, 2018

Category: Health & Nutrition
Tags: Water

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