4-H Joins National Flight Academy


4-H has joined forces with the National Flight academy to bring a unique and exciting aviation camp to our 4-Hers.

The National Flight Academy builds heart-pumping, adrenaline-filled story line, which brings life to a mission as if the students are in a real-world scenario. Students apply these skills by flying the high-performance X-12 Triad, the National Flight Academy’s experimental aircraft, offering them hands-on comprehension of the principles of flight thrust, hovering and target drops. See more about the academy at http://www.nationalflightacademy.com.

This 4-H 3 Day Cruise will cost $375 per student which includes rooming, food, and a lot of fun! This would be such an awesome holiday or birthday gift for the kids!

The National Flight Academy is located on the NAS base at 1 Fetterman Way, NAS Pensacola, FL 32508.

Our 3 day cruise will be held on President’s Day Weekend, February 17th – February 20th 2017. Click Here for registration instructions: 4H Santa Rosa Registration Letter for NFA. You must be registered before January 28th, 2017!

Learn more about the National Flight Academy


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Posted: November 1, 2016

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