Making a Difference in 2015

How Will You Make a Difference in 2015?
How Will You Make a Difference in 2015?

Let’s all take a big, deep breath…2014 is now a thing of the past! At this moment, we all have to decide what we are going to do in 2015. What will you resolve to do in the New Year? Will you finally use your elliptical for more than just a towel rack? Will you finally finish the book you were reading or that scrapbooking project? There are no limits to what you can accomplish in 2015 and in years to come.

I work with volunteers as the Santa Rosa County 4-H Agent. I know how much time it takes to volunteer and I understand the importance of my volunteers. As a very busy wife, mother, professional, graduate student, Children’s Church director and volunteer, I am often asked how I do it all. The easy answer is prioritize. The long answer is: I make lists, lots of lists! I have shopping lists, to do lists, countdown lists and lists of when my bills are due. Lists for birthdays and anniversaries. My most important list is my goal list. I write down my daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals. I break down my larger goals into smaller goals. I am a firm believer that if we can see it, we can do it!

Whatever you decide to set as a goal for 2015, I encourage you to make a difference. We all have something to offer. At the Extension Office, I meet people every day with something to offer the youth of our county. From those who have a passion for rabbits to those who love to cook and sew. On occasion, men will not offer their expertise, because they think they may not have much to offer. Believe me, showing the young people of our community how to check the oil in their cars, rotate their tires or even build a bookcase, are great life skills to pass on to our youth.

4-H volunteers are essential to help youth make the most of a wide variety of learning experiences. As a volunteer, you can share your personal interests and expertise in a variety of subjects including gardening, shooting sports, robotics, animal science, sewing/crafting, public speaking, foods and nutrition, and much more. In 4-H, you can leverage your experience and skills to help a young person find their own passions and interests.

You decide your level of involvement to fit your schedule:

  • Lead youth in a community or project club, afterschool program, camp, or school group
  • Serve as a chaperone, board member, judge, or camp counselor
  • Develop and support service opportunities for youth to learn caring and compassion in your community
  • Work with other volunteers to create fun and exciting programs to help youth in your community reach their full potential

4-H is an opportunity we wish every young person could have because research shows it is a step forward. More than 60 million of our nation’s most successful statesmen, business leaders, and scientists credit 4-H with setting them on a positive, productive path. When you share your experiences with 4-Hers, you make a difference by helping youth become caring and competent citizens. As you make goals for 2015, consider becoming a 4-H volunteer and inspire the next generation.


Posted: January 23, 2015

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