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Small Farms field day a great success!

GCSFAEThe Gulf Coast Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises inaugural event was a great success!  Over 80 people came out and took part in the field day that included stops about food safety regulations, drip and orchard irrigation, trap crops, construction of hydroponic lettuce float beds, and greenhouse hydroponic production.  Check out the photos and video from the field day:


Escambia County Agent Allison Meharg teaching Food Safety



Protected Agriculture


Field Day transportation


Dr. Russ Mizell, teaching about how trap crops can be used for pest insect management.


Lettuce Production using the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

Be sure not to miss the next Gulf Coast Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises field day or Small Farms Academy event.  To receive more information about Gulf Coast Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises email Blake Thaxton at

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