Sustaina-Bowl – Reducing the Impact of Your Super Bowl Party

Sunday is a big day for a lot of football fans – whether or not your favorite team is vying for the top spot. Countless people will find themselves hosting or attending a watch party, relaxing with friends, and cheering loudly. Sustainability may not be the first thing on your mind this weekend, but there are ways that you can incorporate it into the festivities without sacrificing any of the fun.

  • Avoid single use dishes and utensils – It may mean a full dishwasher at the end of the day, but minimizing the amount of plastic is a score for the environment. Using dishes you already own also saves a few dollars.If you’re worried about guests not being able to distinguish their drinks you can invest in a drink marker for them to write their names on a glass cup. Or, if your cupboard allows, mix and match! If no two cups look the same, you’ve solved the problem before it starts.
  • Make recycling easy – Put your recycling bin out in plain sight during the party. Guests are more likely to use
    Cheer on your favorite team and use these tips to reduce your impact this weekend.

    it if they don’t have to 1) ask where it is or 2) leave the fun to go find it in the garage.

  • Offer more vegetables – Part of the fun of parties like these is serving up food that is a little bit indulgent, so don’t skip all of your crowd favorites. Instead, consider swapping out one dish that contains red meat or unsustainably-sourced seafood for a vegetarian option. Producing vegetarian alternatives generally requires less resources to be used and creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than raising livestock.1 
  • Reduce food waste – This can be done in several ways. Before the party, you can think about how many people are coming, try to estimate how much they will reasonably eat, and prepare only that much food. You can also invite guests to bring (or borrow) a reusable container to take home leftovers. They’re more likely to get eaten before they spoil if everyone shares them.
  • Facilitate carpools – If several of your friends are coming from the same direction, get them in contact with one another and suggest that they drive together. This has the added benefits of making parking at your home easier and getting your guests more familiar with each other.




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Posted: February 3, 2017

Category: Conservation
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