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Holiday Utility Savings Tips

With budgets stretched to cover gifts and large family gatherings, we often overlook our holiday utility bills as an area for saving. But making simple changes in water and energy use can leave you with a little more change in your pocket and help make a positive impact on our environment.

Think about which of these tips might fit well in your family routine.


  • Rinse produce in a pan of water rather than under a running faucet.
  • Defrost meat in the refrigerator or microwave, not under running or dripping water.  (Another concern here is that rinsing raw meat can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria, leading to food safety issues.)
  • Scrape – don’t rinse – food scraps from dishes before loading them in the dishwasher.

Reflective elements in outdoor landscaping can help to maximize the impact of lights.


  • Switch out old, incandescent holiday lights in favor of LED strands for decorating. The upfront cost will be made up over the years of lower energy bills.
  • Utilize reflective elements to reduce the number of lights needed in your display. For example, a strand of metallic ornaments could be used to reflect light in an area of your landscape that is otherwise difficult to illuminate – saving you the hassle and some money.
  • Use your microwave for more of your holiday cooking. It is the most efficient appliance in your kitchen and it cuts down on cooking time.


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