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Water-Wise Landscaping Class Schedule

Water-Wise Landscaping classes presented by Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ experts in Pinellas County feature a different set of topics each month, focused on helping you create an attractive landscape that conserves water at the same time. Each workshop features an interactive component or door prizes to make things exciting.

Workshops are free to attend but we do request that you register in advance at the links below.

All workshops take place at the Pinellas County Extension Office at 12520 Ulmerton Road, Largo, FL.


November 14, 2015 – Register Now

  • Rainwater Harvesting w/ Barrel Purchase Option
  • Vegetable Gardening Basics

December 12, 2015 – Register Now

  • Holiday Plant Care
    • Caring for Foliage Plants and Other Holiday Gift Plants
    • Container Gardening 101

January 23, 2016 Register Now

  • Adopt-A-Tree
    • What Trees Provide for Us
    • Fun Tree Facts
    • Putting a Tree in the Right Place
    • Tree Planting and Care

February 13, 2016 – Register Now

  • Lawn and Landscape Care

March 5, 2016 – Register Now

  • Vegetable Gardening and Microirrigation

April 9, 2016 – Register Now

  • Rainwater Harvesting and Sensible Sprinkling

Posted: February 9, 2015

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