Ask Extension!

Ask Extension!

Mary Campbell,
Extension Director
and Urban Sustainability Agent

Do you want answers to your questions from a local source that you can trust? If you are looking for the ease of access that the internet provides, look no further than This online database of frequently asked questions provides answers to many questions that Extension hears all the time. With this tool, you’ll get the quick and easy answer that you are looking for from one of our experts. UF Faculty at Extension have expertise in sustainable living, health and wellness, horticulture, energy, environmentally friendly practices, natural resource conservation, youth and much more.

Once you access the webpage at, click on the category drop down list and look for the subject that you are interested in. If you would rather search by key words, type them into the search box and the available questions and answers will pop up. What if you do not see your question? Look at the top navigation and click on Contact. A page will pop up that allows you to put in a name, e-mail address and your specific question. You will get an answer as easy as that! Don’t be shy – try it today.

It has never been easier to get science-based, factual information from a reliable source. Get the facts you need at the click of a mouse!

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Posted: September 6, 2012

Category: Work & Life

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