Fall Vegetable Garden Varieties

Fall Vegetable Garden Varieties

Are you planting a fall vegetable garden? Well don’t delay- planting most veggies should happen right away in case of early cold weather! When you are shopping for plants or seeds, remember that there are certain varieties of herbs and vegetables that are better suited to our climate and growing conditions. Suggested varieties for Florida are better adapted to our challenging weather patterns and more resistant to Florida pests and diseases.

Here are a few popular cool-season vegetables with suggested varieties and planting times for Central Florida:

Beets: Early Wonder, Detroit Dark Red, Cylindra, Red Ade, Little Ball (Oct.-Mar.)

Broccoli: Early Green, Early Dividend, Green Sprouting/Calabrese, Waltham, Packman, De Cicco (Aug.-Jan.)

Carrots: Imperator, Nantes, Danvers, Chantenay (Oct.- Mar.)

Celery: Utah Strains, Florida Strains, Summer Pascal (Aug.- Feb.)

Lettuce: Great Lakes (Crisphead); Parris Island Cos, Outredgeous (Romaine) (Sept.- Mar.)

Onions (Bulbing): Excel, Texas Grano, Granex, White Granex, Tropicana Red (Sept.- Dec.)

Peas (English or Snow): Wando, Green Arrow, Sugar Snap, Oregon Sugarpod II (Sept.- Mar.)

For more information about vegetable gardening in Florida, including a complete list of suggested varieties and so much more, please click here to download a fact sheet provided by the University of Florida Extension.


Posted: September 16, 2011

Category: Fruits & Vegetables, Home Landscapes

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