Get Your Very Own Hybrid . . . Light Bulb?

The latest in light bulb innovation from GE new Energy Smart® Soft White and Reveal® hybrid halogen-CFL.

These new hybrid-halogen CFL’s combines attributes of three popular lighting technologies. GE engineers figured out a way to nestle an instantly bright halogen capsule inside the swirl of a compact fluorescent light bulb. The halogen element comes on instantly and turns off once the CFL comes to full brightness, thus preserving the energy efficiency of the bulb. All the workings of the bulb are contained in an incandescent-shaped glass bulb.

It’s an optimal choice for use in hallways, stairways, kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere immediate brightness is essential. Simply flip that light switch and it’s at your service—immediately. Get Your Very Own Hybrid . . . Light Bulb

These new GE RoHS-compliant 15- and 20-watt GE Energy Smart® Soft White (2700 Kelvin) and Reveal® (2500 Kelvin) CFL’s offer eight times the life expectancy of regular incandescent bulbs (8,000 hours vs. 1,000 hours) while also containing exceptionally low levels of mercury (1 mg). Most currently available CFLs have 1.5 mg to 3.5 mg of mercury.

Customers can expect to pay $5.99-$9.99 based on product line and wattage


Posted: May 28, 2011

Category: Home Management, Work & Life
Tags: Sustainability

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