Happy Florida Arbor Day!

Happy Florida Arbor Day!

National Arbor Day is traditionally observed on the last Friday in April, but many states observe a different Arbor Day to coincide with the best tree planting weather. In Florida we observe our state Arbor Day on the third Friday in January. Happy Florida Arbor Day! In honor of the occasion, today’s blog will feature information on tree selection, planting, and proper tree care.

Before you plant a tree there are several things to consider: Is this tree the right tree for the growing conditions on the site? Sun, water, mature size, overhead and underground utilities, etc. should all be considered. You want to start with a healthy tree from a trusted nursery. Take care when transporting and be sure to install your tree properly. Planting the root ball too deeply is a common mistake that you want to avoid. Click here for details on proper tree planting.
Once your new tree is planted you are not really done. You must take extra care to ensure its healthy establishment. Click here to determine how to water your new tree during this establishment time.
As your tree grows you will also need to prune it from time to time to help it develop a healthy structure. This is important for the health of the tree and also can help make the tree stronger and more wind-resistant. Improper pruning can result in the decline and even failure of a tree, so be sure to use proper pruning practices. Click here for more info. If you hire someone to do your tree work be sure to hire an ISA Certified Arborist.

For more information on tree care and Arbor Day:


Posted: January 21, 2011

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