4-H Thanksgiving

Many families practice the Thanksgiving ritual of going around the table and having each member say what they are most thankful for. This is probably also happening at many 4-H clubs as they have their last meeting before Thanksgiving. Answers can range from the roast turkey on the table to friends and family. I think it is beneficial for everyone to stop and think about what it is that they appreciate the most in their lives. In that spirit, today I am sharing what I think our Pinellas County 4-H Family (including me) should be thankful for.

  • Pinellas County has a varied program. Projects range from horses and dogs to vegetable gardening and robotics. There is a project of interest for everybody.
  • The 4-H program is open to everyone. These hard economic times have added stresses on money, time, and patience. Still, children can join 4-H for very little money, in a community club or afterschool club.
  • Pinellas County has a dedicated group of volunteers. Volunteers have continued to take on extra responsibilities as budget constraints continue. Some of the recent events would have been cancelled had it not been for the volunteers.
  • The Pinellas County 4-H Foundation is there to support us. The Foundation funds many 4-H programs. The scholarships many 4-H members receive to attend out of county trips would not exist without the Foundation.
  • Pinellas County clubs give back to the program. In November, 14 clubs participated in the 4-H Open House and two turned right around and participated in Farm-City Day two weeks later. Both events were bigger and had larger attendance than the year before.
  • We have a 4-H Family here that is ready to support its members, both the youth and adults. 4-H members are ready to help other members with their projects or to attend activities. At the monthly volunteer meetings I often see club leaders reaching out to new leaders or to leaders having difficulty with their club. So many club leaders are ready to lend a hand.

Simply put, everything above states that we have a large group of 4-H adults and youth who believe in the 4-H program and all that 4-H stands for. When you consider all that the four H’s stand for, that is something we can all be thankful for.


Posted: November 23, 2010

Category: 4-H & Youth
Tags: Thanksgiving

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