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By: Mary Campbell, Urban Sustainability AgentFruits and VeggiesFall begins the bounty of local fresh farmer’s markets and local produce from Florida. Eating local produce for Floridians could include our own gardens, our region or the entire state. Local is loosely interpreted as looking for those seasonal choices that are closer at hand. A good place to start with buying local is to look for seasonal crops that are grown within the region at a local farmer’s market. When we buy local products, they are fresher, have a lower carbon footprint from transportation and support our local economy. Getting our local produce from farmer’s markets also can involve less packaging and processing which further reduces waste and environmental impacts. Keeping our local food systems alive and well is part of a sustainable community. Choose healthy, local produce and you support all the pillars of a sustainable community: healthy people, healthy environment and healthy economy.

Here are a few local markets to get you started:

    • Clearwater: Wenesdays – Opens 10/20/10


  • Corey Avenue: Saturdays – Opened 10/2/10



  • Crossroads: Saturdays – Opened 10/2/10



  • Dunedin: Fridays and Saturdays – Opens 10/29/10



  • Heritage Village, Market in the Park: Saturdays – Opens 11/6/10



  • Largo Harvest Market: Thursdays – Opens 11/4/10



  • Pinellas Park : Saturdays – Opens 10/9/10



  • Seminole – Thursday thru Saturday – On going



  • St. Petersburg: Saturday – Opened 10/2/10



Florida Farmer’s Markets
Local Harvest
Florida Produce Availability(pdf)


Posted: October 5, 2010

Category: Natural Resources

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