Get to Work at Going Green

pencilsby Mary Campbell, Pinellas County Extension Director and Urban Sustainability Agent
Here are some simple things you can do to be GREEN at work:
    • Print double-sided whenever possible.
    • Narrow your margins to reduce paper.
    • Reuse the back of a one-sided document for drafts before you recycle the paper.
  • Use reusable mugs and dishes for your drinks and food during the day to reduce waste.
  • Ask for and order recycled content office paper, supplies and products. Buying recycled content helps turn recyclables into new products.
  • Turn off your lights when not in your office.
  • Turn off your computer screen when you are away from your desk for long periods of time.
  • Turn off your computer when not in use.
  • Open window blinds to let in natural sunlight and turn off overhead lights whenever possible.
  • Turn off vehicles when stopped. Idling vehicles waste energy and cause increased pollution.
  • Use recycling containers at your desk and in common areas for unsoiled paper, cans and bottles to reduce waste going to the landfill.Remember to take the At Work Pledge at:



Posted: November 17, 2008

Category: Work & Life

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