Don’t Stand-by and Watch your Money Disappear!

Have you done a spot-check on your home electronics lately? Today’s gadgetry often includes little blinking lights, red lights, green lights, amber lights, etc. just to let you know they are working. These little devils are stealing from you! They are taking your money and turning it into heat. You can, however, outwit them. By plugging electronics with a “stand-by” mode together into a power strip, it is possible to shut several electricity-leeches down at one time, for instance when you leave for work. This is the “turn out the lights when you leave the room” for this new era. It is possible to get your electricity meter to slow to a crawl during times of very little energy use. You will notice a change in your power bill; and you will need every watt you can get during the hottest times of the year. Saved money is found money. You can put it in the bank!

Posted: February 15, 2008

Category: Natural Resources, Water

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